Scholarships and Student Funding Resources

NCAFP Foundation Family Medicine Scholarship Program

The North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Foundation provides scholarships of up to $5,000.00 to North Carolina medical students considering careers as family physicians. All applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, notifications to scholarship recipients and disbursements will be made in the fall.


How It Works

All scholarship applications received by the noted deadline will be reviewed by the Scholarship review committee.  Awardees will be notified and required to confirm acceptance with NCAFP staff.  Awardees will be responsible for having their institution provide a letter indicating enrollment and academic status and the student will complete and return a Scholarship Agreement.  Once required documents are received scholarship funds will be requested and issued to the student.

Regulations Governing Scholarships

  • The student must be attending medical school within the State of North Carolina to be eligible to receive a scholarship.
  • The Board of Trustees of the NCAFP/Foundation will consider each application on its own merits and will grant a scholarship at their discretion.
  • In considering an application, reviewers will be guided by the applicant’s sincere interest in the specialty of family medicine with consideration given to financial need.
  • Upon approval of a scholarship, the recipient will be required to:
    • Sign a Scholarship Agreement for the total amount of the scholarship.
    • Submit a letter to the NCAFP Foundation from their medical school registrar verifying enrollment, anticipated date of graduation and good academic standing.
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to provide certification of enrollment at the Medical School or Family Medicine Residency Program on an annual basis.
  • If an applicant fails to complete his/her residency in the specialty of Family Medicine, or if he/she completes a residency in a specialty other than Family Medicine, the scholarship will convert to a loan. It is currently the policy of the Board to defer loan repayment until residency training has been completed. Payback is made in three equal annual installments plus accrued interest at an initial rate of 10.3% per annum. If the recipient fails to commence payback when due, the interest rate will increase by 1% each year until the payment is received in full. However, the Trustees shall have authority to extend the period during which the repayment of any loan is to be made or to adjust the principal repayments due thereon, upon their sole determination that the financial circumstances of the recipient of such loan warrant the same due to any mental or physical disability.
  • Written verification is required upon completion of your residency training.

If you are a previous scholarship recipient or have applied before, you are eligible to reapply. If you have any questions regarding this scholarship program, please contact Perry Price @ the NCAFP via telephone at (919) 980-5357 or by e-mail at



Support to Attend the AAFP National Conference for FM Residents and Medical Students

AAFP National Conference ~ Kansas City, MO - July 27-29, 2023

The NC Academy of Family Physicians Foundation is interested in helping cover registration expenses for student members to attend this annual national conference in Kansas City, MO.  Students who apply for AAFP Family Medicine Leads Travel Awards (but do not receive one) are given priority consideration for this NCAFP Foundation funding.  For more information please contact Perry Price @ the NCAFP via telephone at (919) 980-5357 or by e-mail at



Travel Scholarships for Students to attend the NCAFP Annual Winter Family Physicians Weekend

Conference details:

In addition to the Foundation’s support, we are grateful for sponsorship funds from the North Carolina AHEC program. Due to overwhelming interest from students we do limit the number of medical student attendees.  Please be sure to read the below information thoroughly.

General Information:

Registration for the 2023 Winter Family Physicians Weekend is now open! In order to attend as a student you must be a member of the AAFP/NCAFP - if you are not a member, please join now, it’s FREE:

If you are a 4th year medical student participating in the Match, you must be interviewing at FM Residency Programs.  We cannot accommodate MS4s pursuing other specialties at this meeting.  

All student registrations will be reviewed prior to being accepted and finalized. Students can go to the Winter Meeting Registration Portal and select the Student Member pathway to begin registering. The student registration pathway includes questions that previously were asked in the Interest Form for student attendance, students are encourged to respond thoughtfully as answers will affect acceptance. Students will be notified of their registration's acceptance status via email.

All students approved to attend the Winter Meeting are eligible to receive Travel Scholarships!

Required Activities: 

Students are encouraged to attend anything of interest during the conference; however, ALL student attendees are required to complete a post-conference evaluation and attend specific activities scheduled on Saturday during the conference. These sessions will be communicated to registered students.

Questions? Please contact Perry Price @ the NCAFP via telephone at (919) 980-5357 or by e-mail at