FAMPAC is NCAFP's political action committee (PAC). This voluntary family medicine PAC provides North Carolina family physicians a strong voice in the NC state legislature and helps the Academy in its efforts to impact both health policy and the overall practice environment. NCAFP's goal with FAMPAC is to build awareness of the Academy and family medicine among members of the North Carolina state and federal legislature.

Raising Awareness of Family Medicine

Contrary to popular opinion, FamPAC contributions do not buy votes and aren't expected to. The NCAFP believes organizations and their members who make contributions are more likely to get an audience and be heard during the legislative process. The goal of FAMPAC is to build awareness of the Academy and family medicine's issues among members of the legislature.

Why Support Your Political Action Committee

FAMPAC contributions go directly to support legislators who are informed and committed to family medicine's health policy, business, and practice management issues. The results? The interests of family medicine are much more likely to receive attention among the many competing interests and constant stream of proposals.

Your FAMPAC Dollars at Work

  • Protect medicaid reimbursement from larger cuts.
  • Prohibit further expansion of other providers and disciplines into primary care's scope of practice.
  • Thwart regulations that add to administrative overload and impede patient access to quality care.

FAMPAC Forerunners

NC FAMPAC Forerunners contribute monthly to FAMPAC, helping family medicine keep its voice heard and our issues recognized in the NC legislature. The program works through simple, automated recurring contributions and once set up, is effortless. For additional information on how to sign up to be a Forerunner, contact Shawn Parker at

Make An Online Contribution

Members can make contributions to NC FAMPAC all year. Contributing is easy and can be completed online here.