Leadership Elective

Leadership Development in FM

The goal of NCAFP's Leadership Elective is to increase a student's knowledge of organized medicine and its role in medical education, including programs designed specifically for medical students and residents. Participating students will conduct this four-week program at NCAFP headquarters in Raleigh and complete a special project of their own design once approved by their preceptor/sponsor.

What You Learn

  • See first hand the interactions between the family medicine specialty society and its national organization (AAFP), state medical society (NCMS) and other specialty groups.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the need that practicing physicians have for a specialty society which provides them with timely information re: current events in medicine and education to help them care for patients.
  • Gain more insight into legislative events which directly affect practicing physicians and those in educational settings.
  • Complete a special project during this time designed with approval from the preceptor/sponsor.

How to Apply

For questions regarding the Leadership Elective, please contact Tracie Hazelett at the NCAFP at or via telephone at (919) 833-2110.