QuitlineNC Web Based Referral Portal to be Launched July 1st

The Division of Public Health, Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch will launch the new QuitlineNC Web Based Portal for Patient eReferrals July 1, 2021. The portal will serve as an enhancement to the current referral system. Since some QuitlineNC referral sites will not be able to move to eReferrals immediately, the Fax-referral system will remain in place. All sites registered as QuitlineNC Referral Sites will automatically roll over to the new portal. The portal will also be accessible using tablets and smart phones, and each eReferral reaches QuitlineNC in real time.

The entire announcement may be accessed here: Announcement of QUITLINENC WEB BASED REFERRAL PORTAL.pdf

Please see this PDF of registered QuitlineNC Referral Sites

Registered QuitlineNC Referral Sites v2.pdf

Here is the QuitlineNC Referral Site Registration Form

Quitline NC Referral Site Registration form.pdf

Quitline NC Referral Site Registration form.docx

More information will be distributed soon on how to get to the web portal and step-by-step instructions on how to use it. If you have any questions about the QuitlineNC Web Based Referral Portal, please do not hesitate to contact Joyce Swetlick at or 919-707-5402.