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Our list of resources for family physicians.

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2020 Winter Family Physicians Weekend Via a 2-Day Virtual Webcast this Year

Your favorite family tradition with a twist!

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Mary Hall, MD

Dr. Mary Hall is Senior Vice President of Education and Chief Academic Officer at Atrium Health

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Confused about telehealth? Why you need a family physician? Watch these videos now.

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Once again in 2019, NCAFP had a record year for membership. Thank you for your continued support of our effort to make Family physicians universally valued for providing high quality care to the people of North Carolina.


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NCFM Today Podcast

This month's issue of NCFM Today features an interview with Dr. Tom Wroth, President & CEO of Community Care of North Carolina.



To improve the lives and professional environment of current and future family physicians so they can provide exceptional care to their patients and communities.


Family physicians will be universally valued for their role in providing high quality care to the people of North Carolina.

Objectives and Goals

Read our complete Objectives and Goals here.

  1. We believe that Family Medicine is essential to the well-being of the health of North Carolina, and that Family Medicine is well-suited to improve the health of the residents of our state.
  2. We believe in a healthcare system that is primary care driven providing quality, access and affordability.  We believe that the physician-patient relationship is sacred.
  3. We believe in a healthcare system that is fair, equitable and accessible. We believe in the elimination of health disparities and barriers to access to healthcare for North Carolina.
  4. We believe in a comprehensive approach to care, and value the health and well-being of patients, families and communities.
  5. We value collaborative communication with all parties concerned with healthcare delivery, and advocate for a positive practice environment to nourish the specialty of family medicine.
  6. We value the professional and personal well-being of our members.

Gregory K. Griggs, MPA, CAE
Executive Vice President and CEO

Brent A. Hazelett, MPA, CAE
Vice President and COO

Kathryn C. Atkinson, CMP
Meetings and Events Manager

Tara C. Hinkle
Manager, Member Services

Tracie L. Hazelett
Manager, Medical Student and Residency Relations