Building student interest and promoting better health in North Carolina

In 1976, the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians (NCAFP) established a series of trusts in honor of its distinguished former leaders. The funds were earmarked to promote interest in the specialty as a career choice and to help the Foundation pursue efforts that improved primary health and healthcare delivery in North Carolina.

Mission, Vision & Leadership - The NCAFP Foundation has a clear vision for primary care in North Carolina and the leaders to make it a reality.

Building Student Interest in Family Medicine - The Foundation and its student programs are ensuring North Carolina's next generation of family physicians.

Improving the Health of All North Carolinians - Promoting and improving the health of all North Carolinians is a top priority of the Foundation and it implement programs and initiatives that raise awareness of key health issues.

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Investing in the Future, Your Money at Work:

Mission & Leadership

The mission of the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Foundation is to support the advancement of family medicine in North Carolina by: Fostering student interest in Family Medicine; Enhancing the health of the citizens of our state; and, Encouraging physician well-being.

Board of Trustees Officers

President - Shannon B. Dowler, MD, FAAFP
Vice President - William A. Dennis, MD
Secretary/Treasurer - Eugenie M. Komives, MD, FAAFP
Executive Vice President - Gregory K. Griggs, MPA, CAE
Physician Trustees

Trustee - Lisa A. Cassidy-Vu, MD
Trustee - Christopher Danford, MD
Trustee - Michael L. Harris, MD
Trustee - R. Aaron Lambert, MD, FAAFP
Trustee - Amy E. Marietta, MD, MPH
Trustee - Susan A. Schmidt, MD
Trustee - Holly L. Stegall, MD
Trustee - Jessica L. Triche, MD, FAAFP, Academy President
Trustee - Dimitrios (Taki) Hondros, MD, Academy President-Elect
Trustee Emeritus - Maureen E. Murphy, MD, FAAFP
Corporate Trustees

Trustee - John Smith, MD, BCBS NC
Trustee - Jim Kay, Curi 
Trustee - Rhett Brown, MD, FAAFP, Novant Health
Resident Physician Trustees

Matthew Drake, MD - ECU Family Medicine Residency
Vanessa Crerar, DO, Novant Family Medicine Residency

Medical Student Trustees

James Bailey Sanford, MDiv, UNC School of Medicine
Jordan Rawlings, Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine 

Ensuring Family Medicine's Future with Medical Students

Medical students at North Carolina's five medical schools represent the future of family medicine and primary care. The NCAFP Foundation works closely with each medical school's Family Medicine Department on program delivery and funding to introduce students to family medicine in an effort to develop and increase interest in our specialty. Through the Foundation's interest programs medical students are able to take advantage of opportunities to learn about the scope of family medicine, the lifestyle of a family physician and the community of patients they serve through hands-on learning experiences.

Family Medicine Interest Groups - The Foundation provides direct funding to groups on NC campuses for student activities and projects relating to family medicine and preventive health care at each NC-based medical school. The Foundation also provides support directly to student members of the NCAFP and their FMIG for travel support to the Academy's annual  Winter Family Physicians Weekend and for the AAFP National Conference for FM Residents and Medical Students.

Medical Student Programs in Family Medicine - In addition to support on campus to Family Medicine Interest Groups, the NCAFP Foundation delivers excellent programs that immerse rising 2nd year North Carolina-based medical students into Family Medicine, providing them with firsthand experiences in the specialty. These include: the Family Medicine Externship Program and the Rural Health Experience in Family Medicine.

Family Medicine Scholarships - The NCAFP Foundation offers scholarships to medical students interested in pursuing careers in family medicine. To date, the Academy has provided more than 50 scholarships..

Improving Health in North Carolina

Promoting and improving the overall health of North Carolinians is the Foundation's top priority. The NCAFP/F works to implement programs and initiatives that raise awareness of key health issues, foster improvements in the practice of medicine, and work to enhance the collaborative relationships between family medicine and the greater medical community.