Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission Statement: To advance the specialty of Family Medicine, in order to improve the health of patients, families & communities in our state.

Vision Statement: Family physicians will be universally valued for their role in providing high quality care to the people of North Carolina.

Strategic Plan & Goals

Government Affairs:  NCAFP will be the policy voice for all family physicians and their patients in North Carolina.


  • Cultivate relationships with legislators, government leaders, health systems and payers
  • Increase policy makers’ understanding of the value of family medicine
  • Advocate for improved health of the public in North Carolina.
  • Membership and Workforce: NCAFP will create a culture of engagement among family physicians, students, and residents.

Membership and Workforce:


  • Maintain and grow NCAFP membership.
  • Increase and sustain NCAFP engagement and participation with residency programs and medical schools
  • Foster a diverse leadership that represents different schools of thought, geography, and employment type
  • Strive to ensure an adequate workforce of family physicians in North Carolina.

Practice Management:  NCAFP will support family physicians across practice environments


  • Continue to develop resources to support success in the new value‐based healthcare environment
  • Actively engage with other organizations to support emerging models of care such as PCMH, ACOs, Direct Pay, etc.
  • Develop family physician leaders, particularly in healthcare systems
  • Assist in providing the tools for family physicians to thrive in all practice settings, including private practice

Public Relations & Marketing:  NCAFP will educate patients, payers, health systems and others about family medicine’s value.


  • Promote the value of family medicine and the medical home – including the role of family physicians in health promotion and disease prevention ‐‐ to the public & key stakeholders
  • Undertake activities to shape the perceptions of family medicine in North Carolina
  • Identify opportunities to work with the media to disseminate news and information about family medicine
  • Develop partnerships with other organizations to promote the cause of family medicine in North Carolina

Education:  NCAFP will provide high-quality, innovative education.


  • Explore innovative methods of education delivery
  • Expand subject matter covered at Academy meetings, including leadership and professional development, etc.
  • Continue to offer in‐person educational opportunities for our members.

Core Beliefs

  • We believe that Family Medicine is essential to the well-being of the health of North Carolina, and that Family Medicine is well-suited to improve the health of the residents of our state.
  • We believe in a healthcare system that is primary care driven. We believe there is an inherent value in a patient-centered medical home—providing quality, access and affordability. We believe that the physician-patient relationship is sacred.
  • We believe in a healthcare system that is fair, equitable and accessible. We believe in the elimination of health disparities and barriers to access to healthcare for North Carolina.
  • We believe in a comprehensive approach to care, and value the health and well being of patients, families and communities.
  • We value collaborative communication with all parties concerned with healthcare delivery, and advocate for a positive practice environment to nourish the specialty of family medicine.
  • We value the professional and personal well being of our members.