Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission Statement:

To improve the lives and professional environment of current and future family physicians so they can provide exceptional care to their patients and communities.


Vision Statement

Family physicians will be universally valued for their role in providing high quality care to the people of North Carolina. 

Strategic Plan & Goals Member Satisfaction and Practice Environment Committee

Rebuild the excitement of Family Medicine across all practice settings. Objectives:

  • Improve the practice environment by providing education on different practice styles and opportunities to enhance practice efficiencies/effectiveness. 
  • Increase networking opportunities and support for NCAFP members. 
  • Help family physicians thrive (not simply survive) by promoting physician health and wellness and preventing burnout. 
  • Engage patients as advocates for family medicine. 
  • Celebrate successes/accomplishments of family physicians by telling the stories of our members. 
  • Encourage mentoring, teaching and community engagement. 
  • Provide quality education that impacts patient care and the practice of family medicine.


Payer and System Advocacy Committee

Strengthen the influence of family medicine with health systems and payers.  Objectives:

  • Decrease the administrative burden faced by family physicians in their day-to-day practice lives
  • Improve access to ancillary staffing for family physicians such as, scribes, MAs, behavioral health professionals, and other team members. 
  • Advocate for a broad scope of practice for family physicians. 
  • Increase the number and influence of practicing family physicians in administrative roles within health systems and payers. 
  • Empower family physicians to be voices for themselves and their patients
  • Build opportunities for regional networking among physicians employed by various systems as well as independent practicing physicians. 


Workforce Pipeline Committee

Bolster the family physician pipeline. Objectives:

  • Encourage systems, payers and others in North Carolina to incentivize teaching and mentoring. 
  • Develop opportunities for members to provide education to school-age children, college students and medical students about family medicine, with an emphasis on underserved areas.
  • Highlight existing family physician mentoring and teaching efforts. 
  • Provide opportunities for residents and younger physicians to learn about job opportunities in family medicine. 
  • Modify existing student programs based on evaluation data and workforce needs.
  • Increase resident engagement.


Core Beliefs

  • We believe that Family Medicine is essential to the well-being of the health of North Carolina, and that Family Medicine is well-suited to  improve the health of the residents of our state. 
  • We believe in providing quality, accessible and affordable healthcare in a framework that is patient-centered and primary-care driven.
  •  We  believe that the physician-patient relationship is sacred. 
  • We believe in a healthcare system that is fair, equitable and accessible. We believe in the elimination of health disparities and barriers to  access to healthcare for North Carolina. 
  • We believe in a comprehensive approach to care, and value the health and well-being of patients, families and communities. 
  • We value collaborative communication with all parties concerned with healthcare delivery, and advocate for a positive practice environment  to nourish the specialty of family medicine. 
  • We value the professional and personal well-being of our members.