NCAFP Reiterates AAFP Position on Administration’s Executive Order on Medicare

The NCAFP supports AAFP’s strong statement on the Trump Administration’s Executive Order: “Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nation’s Seniors,” praising three positive aspects of the order but opposing those areas that are contrary to AAFP policy. In the letter to the Administration on behalf of family medicine, AAFP Board Chair John S. Cullen, MD, FAAFP, writes:

• The AAFP Shares the administration’s desire to take accelerated steps to reduce administrative burden placed on family physicians.

• The AAFP applauds the administration’s continued commitment to creating site-neutral parity in payments for health care services.

• The AAFP welcomes an opportunity to work with the Administration on ensuring appropriate access to family physicians through network adequacy.

• While viewing the Medicare Advantage positively, the AAFP urges caution against prioritizing the program over traditional Medicare program.

• While supporting patient choice and freedom to select their primary care team through private contracting, the AAFP wishes to raise concerns about creating the ability of patients to forgo all Medicare coverage outright.

• And finally, the AAFP strongly opposes recommendations to eliminate supervision requirements for non-physician providers and payment equity that would disincentivize team-based care.

You can find a copy of the AAFP’s complete letter to the Administration here, which the NCAFP thoroughly supports.