More News About Medicaid Enrollment Broker Provider Directory

Effective Wednesday (10/2/2019), Medicaid Managed Care’s Enrollment Broker Provider Directory no longer supports searching for providers by specialty. DHHS has elected to remove the “Select a provider specialty” feature from both the “Find a primary care provider” page and from the “Filter by” page. Users must now search for a practice by geographic location and/or by practice name to ensure the most accurate results.

The change is in response to reports that some specialties did not display all corresponding group/practices due to the way groups/practices are required to enroll their specialty – i.e.: as either “Multi-specialty” or “Single-specialty” groups. To alleviate potential confusion, DHHS removed the “specialty” filter until it can address the underlying data issue and committed to work with the Enrollment Broker to ensure the specialty search feature effectively displays provider information.

This functionality is expected to be added back before the launch of Medicaid Managed Care on February 1st, 2020.