Maintenance of Certification

The American Board of Family Medicine’s Maintenance of Certification (MC-FP) process provides ABFM diplomates the means to continually assess their skills and competency through a structured, multi-step process. This structure consists of four components, each designed to assess important physician characteristics: professionalism (Part I), self-assessment and lifelong learning (Part II), cognitive expertise (Part III), and performance in practice (Part IV).

Each certifying or re-certifying ABFM diplomate is required to complete a series of three (3) 3-year windows or ‘stages’ in the MP-FC process. Diplomates who complete Stage One and Stage Two in a timely manner can extend the length of their current certification to 10-years. If a Diplomate is unable or chooses NOT to meet the requirements of Stage One and/or Stage Two, the 7-year certificate remains valid, but six Part II modules and one Part IV module must be successfully completed within the seven years preceding the Part III Cognitive Examination.

The AAFP has a number of resources explaining Maintenance of Certfication. See for complete information