Find an NC Family Physician

Please use this tool to locate a family physician in North Carolina. Please note: Only currently Active and Resident members of the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians are listed here. This directory is not a comprehensive listing of all Family Medicine professionals in North Carolina. Users will need to contact each individual physician or practice directly to determine if they are accepting new patients. This listing only serves as a contact reference.

If you are a member of the AAFP/NCAFP and require your information to be updated, please do so here.

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NCAFP Find a Family Physician is compiled and published by the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians ("NCAFP") as a reference source of demographic and professional information on individual licensed family physicians in North Carolina. The only permitted uses of NCAFP Find a Family Physician are for (i) the personal convenience of individual members of the general public to facilitate quick access to information about physicians with whom they may be consulting regarding medical services and (ii) individual physicians or their staff to view their personal listings or those of colleagues for professional purposes such as patient referrals.