Senate Budget Proposal Released

As part of the state’s biennial budget process, the North Carolina Senate recently released their version of the budget. Several provisions mirror the NC House’s proposal, including $300,000 of new funding for tobacco use prevention efforts. The Senate budget also contains a key provision codifying the Department of Health and Human Service’s plan to substantially increase primary care Medicaid rates. This provision is also in the House budget. Several issues are significantly different than the House budget, including a substantial cut in administrative funding for NC DHHS, a recommendation to move DHHS headquarters to Granville County, and a controversial proposal that would cut additional Medicaid funding that Vidant Health receives as the teaching hospital for the Brody School of Medicine.

The NCAFP is closely monitoring these proposals as the budget process moves forward. After Senate passage of the proposal, a conference committee will be created to hammer out a compromise on the differences between the Senate and House versions. Look for additional coverage from the Academy as negotiations continue.