Provider Transition to Medicaid Managed Care: New Webinar Series Will Launch March 28th

NC Medicaid will launch a webinar series to support providers and practices during their transition to NC Medicaid Managed Care. “General” webinars are overviews of significant changes and features of the managed care program. “Topical” webinars are in-depth reviews of specific managed care topics.

The first webinar in this series, Provider Transition to NC Medicaid Managed Care 101, is an overview of the state’s transition efforts and includes the vision and background for the transition to a managed care system, an overview of key initiatives, and a closer look at managed care and engagement from a provider perspective.

Provider Transition to NC Medicaid Managed Care 101
Thursday, March 28, 2019
12 – 1 pm
Registration is required

A recording of each webinar, including a summary of the questions and answers shared during the session, will be posted to the Medicaid website.