The ABFM will Pilot New Examination Alternative Option for 2019

The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) has announced a new pilot program designed to assess the value and feasibility of a longitudinal assessment option to the 10-year examination. Physicians who are current with continuous certification and due to take the examination in 2019 would be eligible to participate in the pilot. This new longitudinal pathway is based on the popular Continuous Knowledge Self-Assessment (CKSA) platform and will deliver 25 questions online each quarter.

Incoming ABFM President and CEO Dr. Warren Newton noted that the pilot, “… will provide questions on a regular, longitudinal basis, in a format that is much more convenient—a few questions at a time, in the place and time of your choice. You may use clinical references during the assessment, much like you do in practice. You will not need to travel to a test center, nor spend additional time and money on preparatory courses.”

The AAFP has been working closely with the ABFM advocating for MOC improvements sought by its member diplomates. Last year, the AAFP assembled a task force to study several issues and to formulate action items. NCAFP’s Dr. Benjamin F. Simmons served on this task force as the New Physician board member of the AAFP.

At the 2018 NCAFP Winter Meeting in Asheville, Dr. Warren Newton will be conducting two focus groups on Saturday (12/1) to discuss proposed changes and to receive feedback from diplomates. If you would like to attend that focus group and give feedback directly to the ABFM, you can register for the focus groups on the NCAFP’s Winter conference website at