Hurricane Preparedness & Support Information

With most projections showing Hurricane Florence affecting large areas of the state over the next 36-72 hours, NCAFP wanted to share these key disaster preparedness and emergency resources.

• AAFP Disaster Preparedness Resource Center — www.aafp.org/patient-care/emergency/disasters.html

• AAFP Patient Care Readiness — www.aafp.org/content/dam/AAFP/documents/patient_care/disaster/restricted/practice-prep.pdf

• North Carolina Department of Public Safety – Hurricane Florence — www.ncdps.gov/florence

• Ready NC App – https://readync.org/EN/DOWNLOADAPP.html

If the NCAFP can assist you in responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, please do not hesitate to contact NCAFP Executive Vice President Greg Griggs at ggriggs@ncafp.com, 919-833-2110 (work) or 919-417-6692 (mobile).