Past President Dr. Chuck Rich Discusses Opioid Crisis on Spectrum

NCAFP Past President Dr. Robert L. (Chuck) Rich (’09) will be featured on a special edition of In Focus with Loretta Bonita discussing opioid use in North Carolina on Sunday, May 20th, on Spectrum News Cable Channel 14 at both 11:00 AM and 8:30 PM. In the interview, Dr. Rich discusses other pain management alternatives, as well as the education that physician organizations are undertaking to better educate clinicians about appropriate opioid use in pain management. Spectrum News reached out to the NCAFP for a physician expert on pain management in primary care for the show. Others interviewed on the show include a medical director from BCBS NC, Rep. Gayle Adcock, and a former addict who opened an addiction treatment program in Charlotte. The program will kick off a week of focus on opioids in North Carolina that will cut across numerous news shows on the Cable Channel, including a Town Hall on Tuesday, May 22nd.