NCTracks: No More Mailed, Faxed or Emailed Documents for Applications After April 1st

Effective April 1st, 2017, NC Tracks will no longer be accepting mailed, faxed, emailed or hard-copy documentation for certain applications. NC Medicaid providers must submit all attachments to the following applications electronically through NCTracks’ Secure Provider Portal Status and Management page: Enrollment and Re-enrollment; Manage Change Requests (MCR); Change Office Administrator; Maintain eligibility; and Re-verifications. Any mailed, faxed or emailed documentation connected to these applications will not be accepted on or after April 1, 2017. NCTracks’ “Upload Documents” option allows authorized users to submit attachments electronically after an application has been submitted. Any questions on this new process can be answered by contacting the NCTracks Operations Contact Center at 1-800-688-6696. Provider Services DMA, 919-855-4050.