Medical Board Seeks to Amend its Safe Opioid Prescribing Initiative Criteria

According to an announcement posted at the NC Medical Board, the Board will seek to refine the selection criteria it will use to determine who will be investigated in accordance their Safe Opioid Prescribing Initiative. The initiative seeks to reduce or eliminate inappropriate opioid prescribing by proactively screening and identify prescribers in the top one percent of licensees prescribing 100 MMEs per patient, per day. After evaluating preliminary results from the program, the Board voted in January to refine the selection criteria that determine who will be investigated. A complete listing of the revision can be viewed here. The Board will accept comments on the proposed rule changes, which much be approved before recommended changes can be implemented, through May 1. Comments may be emailed to rules@ncmedboard.org. Beyond the Medical Board, the North Carolina General Assembly continues to consider ways to help combat the opioid abuse epidemic in North Carolina.

Legislature Considers Further Action – Here’s How You Can Help
One way family physicians can help is signing up for and utilizing the state’s Controlled Substances Reporting System. Registration for the CSRS will soon be mandatory, and the Legislature is considering mandating use of the system when prescribing controlled substances. As a result, it is imperative that all physicians use the system when first prescribing opioids or when any abuse or misuse is suspected. Remember, you can also “designate” an employee in your office to access the system on your behalf, so that your nurse or medical assistant can search the registry for you. You can learn more by going to the NCCSRS website.