Practice Resources Post Notes

These posts are added automatically to the main content area of the practice resources page with “post loop” widget. To make this work you must select “practice resources” as the category in the “categories” box in the right column of this page. I have set the “Post loop” widget to pull all posts in this category to the Practice resources page by adding this category to the query field in the settings for this widget. I have set the Advocacy page up the same way. The Medicaid reform post is in this category and also in Advocacy so I selected both categories to make that post appear on both pages. As a side note: don’t use the “practice resources” category for the posts in the secondary navigation on the “practice resources” page since we wont those names to only appear in the sidebar custom menu and not in here in the main content area. Those sidebar navigation links are added by selecting each one manually in the “Menus” set up area and they are being brought to the page using the “Custom Menus” widget.