Residents & New FPs

2013 Resident Section

The Future of Family Medicine

Today's family medicine residents represent the future of the specialty in North Carolina. NCAFP's Resident Section is comprised of more than 285 resident physicians currently completing their training within one of North Carolina's thirteen university- or community-based family medicine residency training programs.

Need Help?

For immediate questions or help with resident, residency, or new physician issues, please contact Tracie Hazelett at the NCAFP at or via telephone at 919-833-2110.

Key Resident Section Information

Resident Leadership & Roles - Meet the current NCAFP resident leadership and discover available leadership positions.

NC Family Medicine Residencies - Learn about the 15 family medicine residency programs in North Carolina.

Scholarships, Loan Repayment & Funding - Programs for medical school debt, conference travel, and underserved service.