Rural Health / Underserved Experiences

Two Opportunities for a 2-week immersion experience. One in rural Eastern North Carolina and one in Western NC. Each program will accommodate up to ten students. The Western NC program will be held May 31 – June 13, 2015 and the Eastern program will be held July 19 – August 1st, 2015.

While the programs will differ in some ways due to geography and the nature of the underserved areas in which they are located, they will be similar in many ways. The first week will take place with 8-10 other NC medical students at a residency training program where students will participate in various activities which may include a day in the life of a rural family doctor, wilderness medicine day, rural health topics didactic sessions, visits to a rural hospital, a rural health department and information regarding resources (loan repayment, etc.) available to those who choose to practice in a rural or underserved area of NC. The 2nd week you will be matched with a practicing family physician to spend a week in the life of family doctor working in a rural / underserved area. These programs are a great way to experience complete immersion in rural family medicine in the course of just two short, but incredibly beneficial (and fun!) weeks.

If you have questions please contact Tracie Hazelett @ the NCAFP: 919-833-2110 or

-- Application packet must be postmarked or received via e-mail or fax no later than 11:59pm EST, January 15, 2015. This program available for current 1st-year medical students (Class of 2018) enrolled in any of the five NC medical schools and for 3rd-year medical students at Duke SOM (Class of 2016). --

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