NCAFP Family Medicine Externship Program

Experience Family Medicine This Summer!!

The NCAFP Foundation's Family Medicine Externship Program is a 4-week summer learning experience that exposes rising second-year medical students to the daily activities of family physicians. The program is designed to offer participating medical students a first-hand understanding of what family medicine encompasses and how family physicians deliver health care and practice medicine. Each student extern receives a stipend for participating in the program and is offered a chance to work alongside a practicing physician in their independent or group practice. Students may also have the opportunity to shadow physicians in hospitals, nursing homes or other community clinics.

-- Application packet must be postmarked or received via e-mail or fax no later than 11:59pm EST, January 15, 2015. This program available for current 1st-year medical students (Class of 2018) enrolled in any of the five NC medical schools. --

The At-Home Learning Experience

Since its inception in 1992, over 300 medical students have participated in externships across North Carolina. Based entirely in-state, the program is great for medical students preferring to stay close, but who desire to learn about family medicine and primary care during summer break. In most cases, students participate where they live or within the geographic area of their choice. This makes the program convenient and allows students to simulate a close 'living-and-working' scenario.

How The Externship Program Works

Interested first-year medical students apply to be selected as a Family Medicine Extern. Applications are sent directly to NCAFP offices and are reviewed by a committee composed of family medicine physician leaders. The number of available slots varies according to funding.

Once selected, each student extern is assigned his/her family medicine preceptor. Students may choose to locate a family physician preceptor by utilizing their existing contacts. However, this is not required and staff at the NCAFP Foundation will locate a preceptor on the student's behalf, attempting to do so in their preferred geographical area. One of the purposes of this program is to expose students to physicians outside of the university community so preference is given to family physicians whose clinical time is community-based.

Once a preceptor has been assigned, the student and physician will arrange a mutually-convenient four-week schedule to complete the program. Learning experiences must be four-weeks in length and be completed prior to September 1st. Each student is required to complete both a pre- and post-program survey, as well as coordinate with their physician preceptors to do the same. Stipends are awarded on completion of these requirements.

The daily activities of program are directed by the physician preceptor. By custom, the program includes daily shadowing of the physician as they interact with patients and deliver care. Each family physician preceptor provides a unique experience.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for the Family Medicine Externship Program, please download application above.

For questions regarding this program please contact Tracie Hazelett at the NCAFP at or via telephone at (919) 833-2110 X-120. You may also contact your FMIG Faculty Advisor or FMIG Student Leadership.

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