NC Family Medicine Residency Programs

Training Flexibility with Lifestyle Diversity

North Carolina is home to some of the best family medicine residency training programs in the U.S. State-of-the-art training coupled with the state's wonderful climate, affordable housing and access to the mountains and the ocean, make NC an attractive place to train.



The Mountain Area Health Education Center's (MAHEC) Family Medicine Residency Program is located in beautiful Asheville, nestled in the Smoky Mountains. This program is affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Mission St. Joseph's Health System, a regional referral center. The MAHEC program in Hendersonville is a rural track program affiliated with the Margaret R. Pardee Memorial Hospital. Each provides the ideal blend of community hospital warmth with university-hospital medical education resources. The educational emphases of the program include community-oriented primary care, behavioral medicine and family therapy, obstetrics, adult medicine, procedures, and rural health care. Family Medicine residents come to Asheville for the program's creative atmosphere and to enjoy the recreational resources of western North Carolina.

MAHEC Family Medicine Residency Program

118 W.T. Weaver Boulevard

Asheville, North Carolina 28804

Tel: (828) 258-0670 / Fax: (828) 257-4738
  • Director - Hendersonville

    Geoffrey Jones, MD

    741 Sixth Avenue W.

    Hendersonville, NC 28739

    tel: 828-694-8332

    fax: 828-696-1257

  • Residency Coordinator

    Janet Swell

  • Director - Asheville

    Blake Fagan, MD

    118 W.T. Weaver Boulevard

    Asheville, NC 28804-3415

    Tel. (828)258-0670

    Fax: (828)257-4738

  • Residency Coordinators

    Julie Bacon

    Erin Ratliff

Navy Hospital Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune

The Camp Lejeune FMRP is based at Camp Lejeune in Onslow County. The program has eight full-time family physicians and accepts medical students from any LCME accredited or AOA approved school for clerkships. This program is only open to medical students with HPSP or USUHS Navy scholarships. First-year rotations include Sports Medicine, ICU, ER, Dermatology, Gynecology, C4&ATLS, and Operational Med.

Camp Lejeune Family Medicine Residency Program

Naval Hospital

100 Brewster Boulevard

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 28547

Tel. (910) 450-3138
  • Director

    Phyllis MacGilbray, MD

    Tel: (910) 450-3138

    Fax: 910-450-4649

  • Coordinator

    Rae Griggs

    Tel: (910) 450-3138

UNC Medicine Logo

Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as a state supported institution, the residency's mission is to train family practitioners to meet the diverse needs of the people of North Carolina, including maternal and child health, geriatrics and care for the underserved. The program provides a mix of university and community hospital experiences, a nationally known faculty dedicated to residency training and a commitment to prepare you for a flexible career. In return, they seek residents with a passionate commitment to patient care, diverse interests and a desire to make a difference in their communities and in family medicine.

University of North Carolina

Department of Family Medicine - CB# 7595

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-7595

Tel. (919) 966-3711
  • Director

    Christy Page, MD

    Tel: 919-966-2716

    Fax: 919-966-6125

  • Coordinator

    Jessica Smith

Carolinas Medical Center


Residents receive their training at the Carolinas Medical Center, an 843 licensed bed state-of-the-art community hospital and referral center. The faculty consists of ten board-certified family physicians, an occupational medicine physician, and a clinical psychologist. In addition to the original program, there is an urban site and a rural program. The hospital is designated an academic medical center and is the only community hospital with this distinction in North Carolina. There are ten other residency programs. Acceptance of family Medicine residents by peers on other services is exemplary.

Known as the City of Trees, Charlotte is a beautiful city and a rewarding place in which to live and work. As the center of the nation's most rapidly growing urban region, Charlotte is flourishing. There are good schools, forward-thinking local governments, professional sports, and much more.

Carolinas Medical Center

Department of Family Medicine

Family Medicine Residency Program

P.O. Box 32861

Charlotte, North Carolina 28232-2861

Tel (704) 304-7113
  • Director

    Alishaha Cole, MD

    Carolinas Medical Center

    Family Medicine Residency

    P.O. Box 32861

    Charlotte, NC 28232-2861

    Tel. (704) 304-7113

    Fax (704) 304-7104

  • Coordinator

    Cynthia Profera

    Residency Coordinator

    Tel. (704) 304-7113

    Fax (704) 304-7104


The Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program takes a new and innovative approach to training family medicine residents. The twenty-four position program features four community-based family Medicine centers, each with at least four family physician faculty and two residents from each class. Each center embodies a different character, from a rural health center to a suburban clinic. All are within fifteen miles of Northeast Medical Center, a 457-bed community hospital which offers comprehensive medical and surgical services and a dedicated inpatient family medicine unit.

The unopposed program stresses comprehensive, "real-world" community based family medicine and obstetrics. The large clinical faculty all Medicine the full spectrum of family medicine including obstetrics. This residency combines the advantages of a supportive community setting and strong academics. Located in a suburban community 20 miles north of Charlotte, Concord provides easy access to many activities that a large city offers.

Carolinas Medical Center Northeast: Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program

270 Copperfield Boulevard Suite 202

Concord, North Carolina 28025

Tel (704) 721-2060
  • Director

    Erika Steinbacher, MD, Director Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program

    Phone: 704-721-2060

    Fax: 704-789-2090

  • Coordinator

    Beth Williamson


The Duke Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to training family physicians who will be leaders in improving the health of communities. Our new curriculum combines the best of a major medical center, community hospitals, outpatient clinical experiences, and the excitement of working with diverse populations. The pillars of our program are on ambulatory care, chronic disease management, teamwork, leadership, quality improvement, and clinical innovation. Each resident will complete coursework culminating in a certificate of clinical leadership, providing key skills for future practice. All residents will participate in clinical experiences in the Durham community, as well as other communities, available locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. A 4th year Masters Degree in Clinical Leadership is available.

Duke University Medical Center

Duke Family Medicine Program

2100 Erwin Road, P.O. Box 3886

Durham, North Carolina 27710

Tel. (919) 681-3028
  • Director

    Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD

    Duke Family Medicine Center

    Box 3886

    Durham, NC 27710

    Tel: 919-681-3065

    Fax: 919-681-6560

  • Coordinator

    Teri Pond

    Tel: (919) 681-3028

Southern AHEC


Academic strength, community support, and quality people are the three cornerstones of the Duke/Southern Regional AHEC Family Medicine Residency Program. Formerly known as Duke/FAHEC, they have been a well-established residency program since 1974. With close academic ties to Duke University Medical Center, the residency offers an environment that supports personal and professional growth. While practicing at a beautiful primary care hospital, the dynamic faculty is interested in teaching the full scope of family Medicine.

The mission at Duke/Southern Regional AHEC is to recruit and retain physicians to a nine-county region. they serve both a large diverse urban population (115,000 within city limits) and an underserved rural population. The medical community loves to teach residents, the only residents in our entire community. Their residents are their biggest asset. Teamwork and cooperation are highly valued. They boast a diverse group of intelligent motivated residents who are their best ambassadors.

Duke / Southern Regional AHEC

Family Medicine Residency Program

1601 Owen Drive

Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304

Tel: (910) 678-7259
  • Program Director

    Sushma Kapoor, MD

    Tel: 910-678-7259

    Fax: 910-678-0115

  • Contact

    Cheryl Haynes

    Senior Residency Coordinator

    Tel: (910) 678-7259

Fort Bragg - WOMACK

Fort Bragg

Largest residency in the Army, based at Fort Bragg, NC. Diversified faculty with graduates of fellowships in Faculty Development, Family Therapy, Sports Medicine, and Research. Active research program available with funding for presentation of projects. Electives include military operational medicine, international medicine. Program is affiliated with the UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University and the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.

WOMACK Army Medical Center

Family Physician Resident Training

Post Office 63H

Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Tel: 910-907-8007

Fax: 910-907-8630
  • Director

    Mark Stackle, MD

  • Coordinator

    Lisa Dent

Moses Cones Hospital / Health Education Center


Our program has a longstanding tradition of quality and a future full of possibilities. Because we believe that multi-talented Family Physicians will always be in demand, the faculty of the Moses Cone Family Medicine Residency Program has great optimism for our graduates and our discipline. Recognizing that graduates can enter a wide variety of Medicine settings, our curriculum is designed to provide all residents with the basic tools needed to be well-rounded family physicians, while providing the flexibility and resources to allow residents to tailor their education to suit their individual career plans. We have ample opportunities for residents to obtain added experience in sports medicine, geriatrics, obstetrics, evidence-based medicine, preventive medicine, research, and ethics.

At Moses Cone, we believe that residency education should be a cooperative rather than a competitive enterprise. We emphasize mutual support, teamwork and a humane educational environment. We also have a versatile array of faculty and staff to support your education. In addition to the attending physicians, the faculty includes a doctoral level psychologist, pharmacologist, and nutritionist; a geriatric nurse practitioner; Medicine manager and a research coordinator.

The Moses Cone Family Medicine Residency and our sponsoring health system share a serious commitment to medical technology. Residents have access to the most up to date information systems and patient management tools. For example, all residents use PDAs with patient tracker software. The program enjoys the generous support of a financially sound and technologically aware health care system.

In the final analysis, people determine the quality of an organization. That is one of many reasons that we are especially proud of our residents. They are professional, motivated, caring, intelligent individuals who exemplify the finest traditions of the medical profession. Not only are these residents writing the current chapter of our program's history, they will also help recruit and train the next class of residents. Please visit our web site and then plan a trip to see our program. See for yourself why we look to the future with enthusiasm. Who knows, perhaps you will help write the next chapter of our ongoing story.

Moses H. Cone Family Medicine Teaching Program

1125 N. Church Street

Greensboro, North Carolina 27401-1007

Tel: (336) 832-8132
  • Director

    William A. Hensel, MD

    Greensboro, NC 27401-1007

    Tel: 336-832-7308

    Fax: 336-832-7078

  • Coordinator

    Darcy Hitz

The ECU Family Medicine Center


The program at the University Health Systems of Eastern North Carolina combines the advantages of resources at Pitt County Memorial Hospital (a 765-bed regional medical center) with the focus of East Carolina University School of Medicine, nationally known for its training of primary care physicians. Strong curricular elements in geriatrics, behavioral and procedural skills, women's health, sports medicine and a rural track curriculum are designed to train family physicians who are uniquely equipped to Medicine in small towns. Proximity to the North Carolina beaches and sounds provides opportunity for outdoor recreation. The presence of the third largest university in North Carolina provides Greenville with cultural activities not often found in towns of similar size. East Carolina University Family Medicine actively seeks graduates from diverse backgrounds to join the residents in training to become part of the East Carolina tradition.

The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Department of Family Medicine

Family Medicine Center

Greenville, North Carolina 27858-4354

Tel: (252) 744-2600
  • Director

    Jonathan Firnhaber, MD

  • Coordinator

    Lee Blinson


MAHEC Hendersonville - Rural Track

The Hendersonville Family Practice Residency Program/MAHEC Rural Track is a program that is specifically designed to help train family doctors who would like to step into the role of a community-oriented physician in a small town or rural area. You’ll get hands-on experience in a practice that welcomes you as a partner rather than a "PGY-something," and live in a small, vibrant community nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Your teachers will be experienced family doctors who have dedicated their careers to serving their community, and your resident colleagues will share similar professional and personal goals. We’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know to start your own successful practice or join an established one, and you’ll leave with all the tools to practice state-of-the art medicine and stay well ahead of trends in best medical practice.

Hendersonville Family Medicine Residency Program

Pardee Medical Office Building

741 6th Avenue West

Hendersonville, NC 28739
  • Director

    Geoffrey Jones, MD

    Tel: (828) 258-0670

  • Residency Coordinator

    Janet Swell

Union Regional


This is a separately accredited, so-called '1+2' residency with the R-1 year based at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, and R-2 and R-3 years based at Carolinas Medical Center - Union (a town fifteen miles south and east of Charlotte). The program matches two residents per year through the NRMP from applicants selected via ERAS. The residents' continuity clinics are located at Union Family Medicine (a private group Medicine) and Union County Health Department (maternity care). This is an 'apprenticeship' model program with much one-on-one teaching within a curriculum specifically designed for those budding family doctors who are headed for future Medicine careers in suburban, small town and/or underserved communities. The hospital is a modern, 160-bed facility with a variety of generalists and specialists on its medical staff. The program utilizes telemedicine and other electronic technologies to support its didactic and longitudinal curricula. It is affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at Carolinas Medical Center and the Department of Family Medicine at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Monroe (NC) is a thriving and growing community and Union County, the largest growing county in the state, has both a suburban and rural flavor. Its location affords easy access to the amenities of the large city with an opportunity to live and learn in a small town environment.

Carolinas Medical Center - Union Family Medicine Residency Program

Carolinas Medical Center - Union

P.O. Box 5003

Monroe, North Carolina 28111

Tel: (704) 226-5013
  • Director

    Vanessa McPherson, MD

    Tel: (704) 226-5013

    Fax: (704) 296-4172

New Hanover Regional Medical Center Residency


Located on North Carolina's beautiful seacoast, the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Residency in Family Medicine is a fully accredited program affiliated with the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Coastal AHEC and the New Hanover Regional Medical Center, an outstanding 769 bed regional medical center. Five diversely skilled full time physician faculty create an optimal environment for achieving the vision of excellence in education. At our state of the art Family Medicine Center, we focus on teaching full scope family medicine. Our curriculum offers emphasis on community and behavioral medicine as well as rural rotations in the nearby area.

Wilmington, founded in 1725 on the confluence of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean is a blend of historical past and the 21st century. It is the home of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and many other progressive companies such as General Electric, Verizon, PPD, and International Paper. Southeastern North Carolina is a great place to learn, a great place to live!

New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Family Medicine Residency Training Program

2523 Delaney Avenue

Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

Tel: (910) 343-1122

New Hanover Health Network: Family Medicine Residency Program
  • Director

    Janalynn Beste, MD

    Tel: 910-343-1122

    Fax: 910-343-1999

  • Coordinator

    Debbie Blackburn

    Tel: 910-332-3612

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem - Wake Forest University

By combining advantages of University and Community Training, Wake Forest University School of Medicine seeks to create a challenging yet enjoyable learning environment. Expertise of faculty in prevention, behavioral science, procedural skills and sports medicine, helps to meet the individual needs of each resident. The large and diverse faculty work side by side with the residents in the Family Medicine Center, situated ½ mile from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

The surrounding community of Winston-Salem is a mix of old and new, with "Old Salem," a historic Moravian community situated near the ever expanding downtown Winston-Salem. Recreation includes theater and the arts, sports, and a variety of outdoor pursuits. Located just minutes from the mountains and four hours from the beach, Wake Forest University School of Medicine is a wonderful place in which to train.

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Medical Center Boulevard

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157-1084

Tel: (336) 716-2832
  • Director

    Ann Hiott Barham, MD

    Tel: 336-716-2832

    Fax: 336-716-9126

  • Coordinator

    Mary Locke

  • 2014 Procedures Seminar
    September 27th- Raleigh, NC
  • 2014 Winter Family Physicians Weekend
    Dec. 4-7 - Asheville, NC
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