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Please complete the form below with any updates to your AAFP/NCAFP membership information. If you leave any box blank, we will assume that information is left unchanged.

You may also update your information directly at the AAFP at

If you have specific questions about your membership record, please contact Tara Hinkle at NCAFP offices at (919) 833-2110.

Please note, all updates are NOT automated and submissions take 7-15 business days to take effect within your AAFP membership record.

Online Update Form

Complete any form field below where you desire an information change to your official AAFP membership record.

Member Information
Your primary address will be published in the AAFP’s membership directory at and is used for all AAFP/NCAFP electronic mailings. For questions, please contact the AAFP at 1-800-274-2237.
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